Delocitypvp Sonnenbrille Polarisiert - Hochwertige polarisierte Gläser mit UV Schutz - Jeder Kauf bei Eye Love löst eine wohltätige Spende aus:Delocitypvp
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Sonnenbrille Polarisiert - Hochwertige polarisierte Gläser mit UV Schutz - Jeder Kauf bei Eye Love löst eine wohltätige Spende aus:Delocitypvp

Eye Love
Eye Love Published in October 23, 2018, 2:45 am
 Sonnenbrille Polarisiert - Hochwertige polarisierte Gläser mit UV Schutz - Jeder Kauf bei Eye Love löst eine wohltätige Spende aus:Delocitypvp

Sonnenbrille Polarisiert - Hochwertige polarisierte Gläser mit UV Schutz - Jeder Kauf bei Eye Love löst eine wohltätige Spende aus:Delocitypvp

Price:£24.96 - £42.54

VivRichards Reply to on 9 August 2017
Excellent glasses. Previous Maui Jim and RayBan owner - I am surprised at the quality at such a low price point with these. Comes with a soft touch bag, and a really good quality hard zip case. I like how the lenses are really dark and people struggle to see my eyes behind them.

Just some notes on the polarisation of mine:

When looking at computer screens, they look totally fine. I have to tilt the glasses 90 degrees to make the screen invisible. Mac and PC. Whereas looking at an iPad the screen (in portrait mode) is invisible at 0 degrees. The iPad screen can be viewed perfectly in landscape mode though.
Scar Trek
Scar Trek Reply to on 3 December 2017
Fantastic quality for something so cheap. I'd expect these to be in the £60+ range. The lenses are legitimately polarized. I've seen some reviews talk about the frames being fragile or not coming in the correct style, but I've had neither issue. I wear them daily on my walk home from work with the midwinter morning sun in my eyes, and they've not a scratch on them. They even survived my friend trying to steal them. If you want some Wayfarer-style shades but don't want to drop big money on Raybans or other big names, these are ideal.
The Shropshire Lad
The Shropshire Lad Reply to on 7 February 2017
Polarised Wayfarer Sunglasses by Eye Love, Lightweight, 100% UV Protection (Matte Black)

Excellent quality product, well made and comfortable to wear. Brilliant value for money.
Ricky Reply to on 10 February 2018
Such a nice product feels nice to have on and very well made. Comes with two cases a fabric one and a hard zip case. The small screwdriver is also a nice touch. Will be recommending to everyone I know. The glasses were packaged very well many layers of protection and a nice box with a window sticker in. 100% will buy again .

Just noticed my glasses are already cracking and splitting only having them on for as little as 4 hours. Anyone from eyelove reading this please contact me asap

Just got my replacement no questions asked. This pair is in perfect condition. On inspection it's not the build quality from eyelove it's the way they must be handled either in transit or at Amazon warehouses. 100% satisfaction
biscuit Reply to on 4 August 2018
the arms are both angled the same way, makes for an uneven fit. they are good quality for the price - considering they are wood. i think you can buy similar from the high street chains for same / less but if they are also donating glasses then that makes a difference. if they are donating glasses with poor quality manufacturing, then what's the point of that?

i think they need some QA before dispatch. even the screwdriver was wonky... definitely not 5 stars, nor 1 star.
Nicola C.
Nicola C. Reply to on 6 June 2017
I usually wear sport sunglasses when riding my bike or playing ultimate Frisbee. I forgot my sport sunglasses last week and I happened to have my Eye Love Wayfarers in my bag. I gave them a try and I was not disappointed. These wayfarers are great for biking, too! Since they are polarised, everything was very clear when riding my bike along the river. I keep finding my fianceé wearing them, too. The cool thing about these wayfarers is that they can be men’s or women’s. Great pair of shades.
Steve Reply to on 29 May 2017
I bought these for my wife and she could not be happier. She loves the colour through the lenses saying they make everything look 'happy'. They come with a fancy hard case as well as a soft case, there is a cleaning cloth as well as a tool for tightening the screws should they ever come loose. A great purchase, highly recommended.
Rob C.
Rob C. Reply to on 22 June 2018
Having just received these today, they look great, the two case option (hard case and soft bag) is excellent and the screwdriver is a nice touch.

However, seeing damage on the end of the arm disappoints. Not sure if it's a manufacturing defect or amazon handling damage, but does detract from The overall finish, which is otherwise very good.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 2 June 2017
I can’t get enough of these wayfarers. I really can’t! I caught myself taking a nap with them the other day. My wife got these for my 40th birthday gift. I am so happy with her purchase. These wayfarers come with an awesome set of bonus accessories to help protect my new gift. I especially love the hard case and the microfiber cloth. Great accessories! These sunglasses really fit well to my head so I can wear them for sport as well as driving. These wayfarers from Eye Love are just great sunglasses. Great product and great mission. Eye Love rocks!
Gerf Reply to on 14 September 2017
I love the look of these glasses and the cases they come in are great alsothey are fairly good at doing their job. The only down side I can see with this product is maybe the price and the fact my pair came with what I can only describe as a carving of what looks like a number on the side. Realistically these glasses would be more better suited in the £7 - £15 price range. Decent product would reccomend ✅
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